Myths Debunked: 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use iPad Menus

10 reasons you shouldn’t use iPad menus in your restaurant

The myths debunked…

  1. Your staff is already knowledgeable about your beverage offerings
    You train your staff well, but it is very difficult for anyone to remember dozens or hundreds of wines, cocktails and beers.  Think of the iPad menus as another tool to help assist your staff and increase their knowledge.
  2. Your customers are older and won’t like using iPads
    You’d be surprised by how much people of all ages enjoy using Uncorkd.  We have many restaurants and country clubs with an “older clientele” from Florida to Ontario that have been using iPad menus for many years and getting great feedback from their guests.
  3. You don’t want to spend a lot of money buying iPads
    You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to buy iPads.  Uncorkd offers leases starting at $15 per iPad per month, so there is no capital expenditure.
  4. The iPads might be stolen
    This is one of the top questions we get, but rest assured from the thousands of iPads we have deployed, only a few have ever gone missing. The iPads can be locked down to help prevent theft.
  5. Customers may sit at the table longer and play on the iPads
    We haven’t found this to be the case, although we do know that customers will order more wine and more expensive wine when using iPad menus.  The iPads can be locked down so that nothing else besides the menu can be accessed.
  6. You already train your staff to upsell more expensive menu items
    Unfortunately not ever server is going to be on their game to upsell your customers, but your iPad menus always will. Using Uncorkd to feature items, test menu positioning, provide recommended pairings and analyze customer menu habits all help you sell more beverage and increase your sales.
  7. It’s too expensive to use iPad menus
    Uncorkd costs roughly the same as printing new menus every week.  But rather than waiting a week to make updates, you can now make changes anytime, anywhere! Not only will you save on printing costs, but you’ll save hours of time dealing with updating the menu and printing. How much is your time worth?
  8. You don’t have the time to learn how to use iPad menus
    The Uncorkd software is incredibly intuitive and easy to use.  You can update menu items with just a couple clicks, drag and drop items to move them on your menu and use our beverage database to quickly add new drinks. We provide training to make sure you are comfortable using the software and have a number of other resources to help as well.
  9. You’re waiting to see how the technology evolves
    Technology evolves quickly and you may be thinking iPad menus are a fad.  But technology at the table is here to stay and companies across the country, from Fleming’s Steakhouse and Ruth’s Chris to Four Seasons and Capital Grille are all using iPad wine menus. By going with Uncorkd, you get free software upgrades for life, so as the technology improves, you get the latest features.
  10. It’s just not a fit for your restaurant
    You’ve read this far and we still haven’t convinced you; iPad menus just aren’t for you.  That’s fine and we don’t expect them to be for everyone right now. We think it’s better to be among the leaders in the restaurant industry and adopt the technology early to gain maximum benefit from it rather than be a late adopter. But if now is not the right time, keep us in mind for when you’re ready.

Ready to make the leap, grow your beverage sales and make your life easier (and your customers happier)?  Visit our website at to learn more about iPad wine and beverage menus and give us a ring.

Josh Saunders
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