Wine and Beverage News Week of Feb. 27

Every Friday Uncorkd compiles the most recent restaurant and beverage industry stories that had us talking. Here is the can’t miss news from February 27th – March 4th. Read more

Wine and Beverage News Round-Up Week of Feb. 13

Every Friday Uncorkd compiles the most recent restaurant and beverage industry stories that had us talking. Here’s our list of must-read articles from the web this week. This week features the hottest concepts and brands in dining, insane delivery revenue growth, the inside scoop on natural wine, and a new Bulleit Bourbon release . Here are the can’t miss new’s stories from February 13th – 19th. Read more

What is Natural Wine?

For the past few years, natural wine has been pegged as the “the next big thing” in the wine world.  But natural wines haven’t had their moment in the spotlight. In the first two months of 2016, there has been a lot of coverage and discussion of natural wines, as they seem to be making more of push nationally. Will 2016 be the year of natural wines? Will 2015’s Brosé be replaced by Bro Naturel? Here’s what you should know about natural wine if you’re contemplating putting it on your menu. Read more

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Top Trending Alcoholic Drinks Added to Menus this Winter

Ah, we’re still in the middle of winter and restaurant traffic has slowed down from the holidays. The dust has settled from January and it’s time to start making some changes to your beverage menus. But what new wines should you add to your wine list? What are the latest craft beers trending on beer lists? And what are some interesting spirits that restaurants have been adding behind the bar? We have the answers and some ideas for new additions to your menus. Read more

Uncorkd Weekly News Round-Up Jan. 2nd – 8th

Every Friday Uncorkd compiles the most recent restaurant and beverage industry stories that had us talking. Here’s our list of must-read articles from the web this week. Featuring  the “simple food” revival, sustainable Champagne production, Celebrity Chefs David Chang and Tom Colicchio, and the demise of Sommeliers. Here is our round-up from January 2nd- January 8th.  Read more

Don’t Lose Your Sparkle: Tips for Selling Sparkling Wine By-the Glass

As wine drinkers become more likely to order wine by-the-glass with dinner than purchase a bottle, it’s important for restaurants to offer a stellar selection of glass pour options. One category of wine that poses problems for by-the-glass consumption is sparkling wine. This is a shame, because sparkling wine is a growing option for wine drinkers, with growth of 4% in the U.S. and U.K. in 2014. With this demand in mind, it makes sense for restaurant operators to add a sparkling wine to their glass list. But what makes bubbly so attractive is, well, the bubbles. So how should you store an bottle of sparkling wine once it’s been opened? You can’t lose that sparkle and still serve it to guests, so here are some tips on storing and serving sparkling wine by-the-glass. Read more

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New Study Shows Why Wine Tasting Notes Are Important

The Drinks Business recently detailed a study commissioned by wine subscription service taste4. The study sought out the top 10 wine terms that consumers are most confused and put-off by. The 2,000 consumers surveyed gave insight into the way many wine drinkers approach buying a bottle. While some of the terms on the list may be surprising, like “tart,” “legs,” or, “nose”, the take-away message of the survey is something very familiar to us at Uncorkd.

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Best Moscato Wines to Look for on the Restaurant Wine List

I was about to start writing about drinks for the holidays, it is December after all, and people are looking to brew up some eggnog.  But I thought, let’s go against the grain – what’s one of the biggest trends right now in wine (even in these cold winter months for some of us)… Moscato! I started looking at Google search trends and two things immediately popped up in rising popularity, Fruity Alcoholic Drinks and Moscato. In fact, searches for Moscato and best Moscato wine have surged 1550%. Read more

Beverage Trends for 2016: Wine

It’s that time of year again. We dust off our crystal balls and look ahead to the new year and predict what fun awaits us after winter. Last week, we looked at cocktail and spirit trends to watch in 2016. This week, we venture into the wide world of wine. 2015 saw big growth for sparkling wines like Prosecco, and the rise of Rosé brought us the amazing term “brosé.”

What wine trends will break out in 2016?

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Wine Trend to Watch: English Sparkling Wine

When you think of England and alcohol, wine doesn’t necessarily come to mind. Beer? Of course. It’s tough to beat an English ESB. Gin? Certainly. There aren’t many labels more iconic than the Beefeater yeoman warder stationed on their London dry gin. But English wine, and specifically, English sparkling wine? No, that doesn’t bubble to the forefront of the mind. But be warned: that may soon change. Read more