5 Reasons Restaurants Should Embrace Tech

The use of new technology in restaurants is inevitable. Yesterday, NPR published a story about a fully-automated restaurant opening in San Francisco. The quick-service eatery, Eatsa, specializes in quinoa (why?) and tricking hungry patrons into thinking they accidentally stumbled into an Apple store instead of a restaurant.

This is certainly the far-end of the restaurant tech spectrum. It may be the height for some, or the nadir for others.  Uncorkd believes that restaurants should embrace technology for many different reasons.  Here’s 5 of them. Read more

Sour Power: Wild Brewing of Sour Beer

Craft Brew Business recently released a list of the Top 5 craft beer styles of 2014. And to no ones surprise, IPAs are  number one. And though IPAs still reign supreme in the world of the craft drinker, there are a lot of other styles fighting for a space on tap lists across the country. One of the more intriguing categories of beer making some head-room (apologies for the foamy-pun) in beer halls is sour beer.

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Creating Custom Beverage Menus With Private Bottle Programs

There is a growing trend of adventurous restaurant goers who seek out new and unique experiences. Customers at bars and restaurants are looking for new wines to drink, old cocktail recipes to resurrect, and exotic fusions of new flavors to taste.

One trend on the rise in the beverage industry that consumers are excited about is private bottle programs. Read more

Millennials Wine

Millennial’s Impact on the Wine Industry

Restaurants and wine producers, get your grapes ready. Millennials are here to take the wine industry by storm. U.S. wine consumption dramatically increased when the first group of Millennials reached the legal drinking age in the early 2000’s. It continues to grow today, Millennials accounting for 27% of total U.S. consumption as reported by Wine Industry Advisor. Restaurants can start taking advantage of the peaked interest of wine by learning Millennial’s habits, wants and needs.

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Insta-Opportunity: How Instagram Increases Customer Reach

It’s no surprise that social media has grown to become a vital part of any business strategy. Instagram, the social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos, has become a giant in the social sharing realm. The endearing part about Instagram is that users can post whatever they please, images ranging from day-to-day activities to professional photographs of memorable moments.

Recently, Instagram released a new version of their “Explore” tab, which has restaurants who were previously uninterested scrambling to join the social media movement.  Read more

Your Body and Beer- How Drinking Beer Helps Your Health

Just like wine, beer offers an array of health benefits that helps your body inside and out. Beer lovers rejoice, because we’re here to tell you that drinking beer (in moderation) is actually good for you! Here are some scientific facts to give you a reason to have a beer today. Cheers!

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2015 Survey of Alcoholic Beverage Preferences in Restaurants

Did you know that the color of wine and how well it goes with a meal are the two most popular factors considered when choosing a wine to drink at a restaurant or bar? Or that consumers located on the east and west coast prefer wine, while those located inland are more likely to prefer beer? Read more

Spring Wine Trends 2017

The Silver Lining of the California Drought

A record-breaking four year drought continues to wave over California, creating difficult conditions for farmers that need lush land to make a living. Winemakers, on the other hand, are embracing the harsh environment as their vines have begun to produce perfectly ripe grapes despite the unfavorable circumstances. Still, the production of delicious wine won’t last with water supplies slipping. What does the lack of rain mean for wine suppliers and consumers? Here’s what you need to know as the damaging drought continues.

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3 Reasons You Should Be At The NRA Show

It’s here, it’s finally here! The National Restaurant Association Show starts in Chicago this Saturday, May 16. Tens of thousands of foodservice professionals will pour into the McCormick Place to see the booths that follow the latest trends and topics. This show offers something for everyone – hundreds of stands ranging from nutrition information and culinary demonstrations, to technology and sustainability practices. If we haven’t persuaded you already, here are three reasons any restaurant industry member should attend the NRA Show.

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3 (Not so Easy) Steps to Becoming a Sommelier

Earning the title of certified Sommelier is no walk in the park. Wine lovers that want to make a career out of their passion must go through rigorous steps to earn the salary that comes along with the job. Not only do you have to prepare yourself to take the tests, you have to keep up with the ever-changing industry to impress the guests that come through the door. Thinking about taking the leap? Let Uncorkd give you an idea of what to expect during your journey to becoming a Sommelier.

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