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Best Tips for Organizing Your Restaurant Wine List

So you’re creating a new wine list, overhauling your existing list, or just looking at ways to improve. We review hundreds of wine lists a month and along with our own data on designing for increased wine sales and our alcohol restaurant research report, both worth taking a look at, I’m here to provide tips […]

Country Clubs Using iPad Wine and Beverage Menus

This past week the Uncorkd team participated at our first CMAA conference, which is the association representing country clubs and private clubs throughout the country.  Uncorkd, as the leading iPad wine and beverage menu platform for the club industry, was excited to attend to network with our existing clients and meet new clubs interested in […]

Why Restaurants Shouldn’t Build Their Own Mobile Apps

Technology use among restaurants is seeing fast paced growth, and restaurant operators are beginning to understand the importance of mobile and tablet technology to improve their top and bottom line.  According to Hudson Riehle, Senior Vice President of Research for the National Restaurant Association, use of technology is expanding among all age groups.  No, it’s not […]

iPad Wine Menus, More Affordable Than You Think

iPad wine menus are popping up across the country.  But it isn’t only celebrity chefs using the technology.  Although you can find iPad beverage menus at Gordon Ramsay’s or André Rochat’s restaurants, restaurants of all sizes across the country are using electronic wine menus, from independent operators to regional and corporate operators nationwide. One of the […]

Whiskey Trends – Irish Whiskey Sees Explosive Growth

The beverage industry is an industry of trends and catching on to the latest whiskey trend is critical for pleasing customers and increasing beverage sales.  Whiskey has been hot for the last couple years, including bourbons, flavored whiskeys and now Irish whiskeys.   First there was the Fireball craze, with a younger generation replacing Vodka […]

Why Uncorkd is the Best iPad Wine List Platform

iPad wine and beverage menus are becoming more and more popular as restaurants learn about the benefits of the technology.  Not only do the digital menus provide a significant ROI by increasing sales, they also provide a number of other benefits, from improved staff training to saving time updating menus.

Why Wine Tech is so Challenging and How it Can Improve

There is a large problem with the current state of technology in the wine and beverage industry that hinders innovation across the entire supply chain, from producer to distributor to restaurant/retailer and ultimately the consumer.  It’s the reason why many tech startups in the wine, beer and spirits space have a hard time gaining traction; leaving […]