Why Uncorkd is the Best iPad Wine List Platform

iPad wine and beverage menus are becoming more and more popular as restaurants learn about the benefits of the technology.  Not only do the digital menus provide a significant ROI by increasing sales, they also provide a number of other benefits, from improved staff training to saving time updating menus.

Uncorkd started in 2010 as the first hosted platform for iPad-based wine and beverage menus.  Since then, others have made competing systems based on the original Uncorkd platform.  However, not all digital menu platforms are the same.  Wine technology is notoriously difficult to do well, which means some companies have made good looking apps, but without the functionality that really saves time and makes more money.

One of the advantages Uncorkd has, is working with a broad range of customers around the world.  Over the past several years, Uncorkd has been used in restaurants, hotels, casinos, country clubs and sports venues.  We’ve worked with independent restaurants owners and larger chains.  We’ve experienced firsthand and through customer feedback what makes the product and experience better for guests and employees alike.  Based on this feedback and the evolution of our product, here are the main reasons Uncorkd is the best iPad menu platform.

1.  Easy to use with a large beverage database
The number one reason why Uncorkd is superior to other products, is because of how easy it is to use.  Our engineering team has built a powerful product focused on simplicity and saving time.  With other apps, you may spends dozens (or hundreds) of hours entering in your own data, finding pictures and more.  The beauty of Uncorkd is our integrated beverage database with information on 100,000 wines, beers and spirits.  That means in a few seconds you can find what you need and add everything to your list, including tasting notes, producer information and pictures.  In seconds you can 86 items from your list, create specials or features, create suggested pairings, and more.  If you value your time, then Uncorkd is the best solution for your restaurant.

2.  Customization
Restaurants spend a lot of time on their branding, from the interior design to their menu design.  Uncorkd offers more customization of your digital menu than any other similar platform out there.  You can update the look of your menu at any time, adjusting colors, fonts, icons, images and more.  Our design team also helps setup your menu design from the beginning.  For further customization options, organize your menu however you like, include slideshows, custom information pages, splash screens, and more.  If you want your restaurant menu to be unique and match your branding, Uncorkd is a top choice.

3.  Tools that help sell more
Uncorkd is focused on features and tools that help you sell more.  Our product provides all these tools at your fingertips and makes it easy to use while increasing wine sales 20% or more.  Move slow moving inventory by featuring items.  Create special sections or happy hour deals.  Create pairing suggestions for your guests to enhance their experience and upsell higher priced drinks.  Promote special events, private parties, and more.  No other software platform out of the box offers the tools that Uncorkd does.

4.  Easy for customers to use
We’ve built our software so it is easy to use, for both customers and staff.  Our menu design is built to be intuitive, so someone will understand how to use it even if they’ve never touched an iPad before.  We have many customers with older clientele who enjoy using the digital menus because they are easier to read than traditional menus.  While we continue to add innovative new functionality to the menus to improve the experience, simplicity and ease of use are our top design principles.

As the oldest, true cloud solution for iPad wine and beverage menus, we’ve come along way with our product and we continue to develop industry leading tools. As an Uncorkd customer, you get free software updates for life, so you can always take advantage of new features.   You get a product that looks how you want, is easy to update, and helps increase sales significantly.  Contact us today and we’d be happy to show you a demo!

Josh Saunders