The Check Out: Weekly News Bites for Restaurants September 9th

Every Friday Uncorkd compiles the top restaurant and beverage industries news that had us talking. Here are the must-read stories from September 3rd – September 9th.

Wine News

Much like love, wine trends come, and wine trends go. But like a happy marriage, some wine trends do stick around for the long haul. It can be difficult to spot what trends are really just fads that fall out of favor, and which are long term trends that you need to pay attention to when running a successful and modern wine program. Here are the Top 10 Trends in Wine that you should keep an eye on.

Cocktail News

You don’t need a mixologist on staff to make high-end and delicious cocktails. You just need to use your resources wisely. Full-service restaurants have a big advantage over small bars and taverns when it comes to cocktails: a kitchen. Having a kitchen means access to unique ingredients, tools, chefs, and inspiration. Smart restaurateurs are always looking for ways to make their menus “wow” customers, and culinary cocktails are a simple way to make your menu stand out. See Why Restaurants Should Make Cocktails in the Kitchen.

We wrote about beer cocktails as a new trend to look for this summer. But beer cocktails are a versatile bunch, and can be made to fit any imbibing season regardless of the weather. For a great primer on beer cocktails, and how to pair beers with spirits, check out this Quick Guide to Mixing Cocktails with Beer.

Spirits News

Whiskey’s history is rich. But the recent popularity of bourbon hints at its own downfall: high demand has depleted well aged stocks of whiskey at many distillers leading to blends with younger whiskey, removal of age statements, and what could be the emergence of lower quality bourbons on the market. This had led to many producers attempting to speed up the aging process. The most novel attempt is now coming from Jefferson’s Bourbon. The producer is recreating the early American method of shipping bourbon via rivers in an attempt to speed up the aging process. Jefferson’s is known for their Jefferson’s Ocean release, in which barrels of whiskey were aged on a boat traveling across open ocean.

Restaurant News

Restaurant staff turnover rate increased by 6% to 72.1% in 2015. A scary fact is that management turnover rate also increased. Managers are the captains that steer the ship. Not only that, but they make sure every job is getting done. A ship without a captain is bound to take on water, and ultimately sink. Analyzing why managers leave is key to slowing down the rate at which they abandon ship. See how restaurants are failing their managers.

Kyle Thacker