The Check Out: Weekly News Bites for Restaurants May 27th

Every Friday Uncorkd finds the most interesting restaurant and beverage industry news that had us talking. Here are must-read articles from May 21st – May 27th.

Restaurant News

This week in Chicago, the NRA show featured the industry’s hottest upcoming trends. Guava is expected to take food and beverage menus by storm, but you’ll never guess what else is on the rise. Restaurant Business also made their own list.

Young diners are demanding more menu transparency, whole foods, and sustainability. Here’s how to win them over and cash in on the generation eating out the most.

These new Chicago eateries are doing it right, here are some ideas worth imitating.

Beverage News

Organic fresh juices saw a 33.5% growth last year! The trend isn’t expected to slow down. There could be big payoffs for adding some organic juice options to your menu or cocktails.

Premium Tequila is making gains. Find out which brand your shelf should have.

Serve bottles of this patriotic wine for the holiday weekend. It pairs great with barbecue!