The Rise Of ‘Healthy’ Cocktails

Could a cocktail a day keep the doctor away?

“Healthy” cocktails are becoming more and more popular as mixologists and bartenders fill your favorite beverages with immune-boosting vitamins and nutrients. While we understand how a healthy cocktail may sound like an oxymoron, there are ways to vamp up the nutritional value and cut down on damaging properties. The days of simply using a sweet and sour bar mix for speed and efficiency are long gone. Bartenders today are responding to the push for fresher, healthier options, and aren’t afraid to embrace housemade mixes with unprocessed, heart-healthy ingredients.

As the appeal continues to grow for customers, it could be in your best interest to implement the healthy cocktail trend into your restaurant or bar menu. Consider healthy cocktails a way to appeal to a wide range of customers. An entire spectrum of health-conscious drinkers that may have felt alienated by high-sugar, high-fructose beverages can now sip in peace.

So what can actually go into a healthy cocktail? Bitter greens help rejuvenate the liver cells that take a beating when you drink alcohol. Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque says that adding kale, parsley or cilantro to a cocktail can only benefit your liver’s ability to heal itself. Other popular ingredients include lemon, ginger, coffee, grapefruit, tomato juice, cranberry juice (not the sugar-filled cranberry juice cocktail), and detox-supporting matcha and herbs.

Additionally, healthy cocktails could do wonders for your social media game. Healthy drinks aren’t just good for your body, they’re good for your business! The latest craze of Instagramming everything you eat or drink might as well be free advertising for restaurants and bars. Hashtag #healthycocktails or #skinnycocktails and watch the likes pour in.

For those of you reading from home that want to give this a try, click here for healthy alternatives to your favorite boozy beverages. As this trend continues, more and more alcohol drinkers are shying away from syrupy, high-fructose beverages and leaning towards “healthier” options instead. Who knew? Now you really can drink to your health.


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