The Rise of the Mocktail

Going out with friends is all fun and games, until it’s Monday morning and you’re keeled over your desk with a hangover the size of your bar tab from the night before (which, if you’re unlucky, can be pretty large). To keep from hurting the morning after, we present the mocktail: a “mock” cocktail with all the deliciousness and none of the alcohol. Cocktail bars and restaurants are working their hardest to make the nonalcoholic drinker feel just as welcome as any other bar patron, and this is evidence. Additionally, for drinkers who want something between sobriety and total inebriation, we’ve found a happy middle ground: low-proof cocktails. Day drinkers aren’t born, they’re made, and these low alcohol drinks will keep your buzz going all day long.


Bartenders are creating room on their menus for more creative and extravagant mocktails, so forget about that Shirley Temple and treat your tastebuds to one of these delectable drinks.

Ginger Fizz Mocktail

Juicy Mint Julep 

Virgin Bloody Mary

Sweet Mojito

Jalapeño Watermelon Agua Fresca

Roy Rogers

Safe Sex On The Beach

Low-Proof Cocktails

These low-ABV cocktails are the perfect way to drink all day (or all night) without overdoing it. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and these session cocktails will quickly become a day drinker’s best friend.

Triestine Iced Tea

Golden Nugget

East of Milan

Rosé Spritzer

Hard Cider Sangria

American Light

Peach & Lemon Verbena Bellinis

Mocktails and low-proof cocktails take the guilt – and hangover-  out of the drinking process, but not the fun. The best part? You don’t have to be a licensed bartender to whip up any of these drinks, and they can easily be made into regular alcoholic drinks for those that prefer it.

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