Why Restaurants Use Digital Menus

Technology is changing the way restaurants operate. From online reservations to mobile apps for ordering and payment, customer interactions with restaurants occur more frequently with the click of the button. The movement towards tech-driven service has had its highest level of adoption in the quick service and fast casual restaurant segment. But full service restaurants are increasingly open to new technology that gives guests more choice and information. One new feature restaurants are using to engage guests and rethink the traditional dining experience is tablet-based digital menus. But what benefits do restaurants find in digital menus?

Provide Guests with Better Information

One reason restaurants are using digital menus is to provide more information for guests. Consumers are insistent on gathering information before making a purchase. We live in a research economy where you can search google for any information, review, or rating on a product before you purchase it. This behavior is no different in a restaurant than a shopping mall.

As the restaurant industry continues to grow, customers are becoming increasingly savvy. Diners want more information on the food and drinks they’re looking to buy. Surveys have shown that customers purchase wine more often if  they know more about a wine. Uncertainty is the number one reason customers don’t purchase a wine. With digital beverage menus, a restaurant is able to provide that added information to guests. A restaurant is not limited by the real estate restrictions of traditional paper menus, so they’re able to add content like wine descriptions, images, or food pairings. This information increases sales.

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Menu Organization and Control

This is a crucial component of a successful restaurant.

The way a menu is organized should guide a guest through their meal by being easy to understand and to navigate. Menu layout should also highlight items that will generate the restaurant the most money. Restaurants are using iPad menus as a solution for disorganized paper menus because the iPads provide real time control.

Have you ever ordered a bottle of wine, only to find out that the restaurant doesn’t have it in stock? It’s a bummer for everyone. It disrupts the flow of the meal and creates unmet expectations. Servers waste time and frustration is added to their night. Inaccurate menus are a big nuisance for diners and restaurants alike.

With digital menus, updates are instant. Restaurants can adjust for sold out items, or easily change the menu construction if the current layout isn’t effective. This control improves guests experience, too. Options to create featured sections bring greater attention to specific items that you are promoting. Restaurants who are using digital menus use them as a way to better communicate with guests.

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This is changing how restaurants understand their guests. With menu analytics, restaurants have better ideas about customer behavior, and purchasing preferences.

Restaurants understand that sales numbers are not the only story to look at when analyzing your business. Another story is to look at lost sales. This is the flip side of the coin that analytics provide. They can assess where they are loosing money and adjust their strategy to increase sales by plugging those money leaks.

Should Restaurant Goers Expect more Tech Growth?

All signs point to yes. There are too many benefits for restaurants to for them to ignore how technology is changing the industry. And it appears that customers are ready for that growth.


Kyle Thacker