New Uncorkd Features : Tracking Selections and Hiding Price Decimals

We’ve recently released two new requested features for Uncorkd. The first is the ability to toggle on and off trailing decimals in prices. The second is the ability to track customer selections and export them. The updates have been made in the software automatically, no app update is necessary.

Hide Decimals in Prices

Some restaurants prefer to show prices with decimals, while some prefer without. We’ve added a new option on the App Preferences page in the Uncorkd web portal that allows you to hide decimals in prices. Simply toggle the setting for Hide decimals in prices to Yes. Prices will then be shown without any trailing zeros. After changing the toggle setting, you will need to do a manual reset of your menu to reload the prices. Examples:

75.00 >> 75
75.50 >> 75.5
75.55 >> 75.55

Tracking Customer Selections

When enabled within the app, you can allow your guests to email their selections and tasting notes to themselves. Now you can track this activity to see what selections your guests are emailing. The tracking happens automatically as long as you have Enable Selections and Enable users to email their selections turned on in the App Preferences page.

On the Preferences page you’ll now see a new, fifth tab, called Selections. Click on the Selections tab and you’ll be able to see all the emailed selections from your menu, including the email address of the guest, the date and selections they emailed. You can also export this data to a CSV file by clicking the Export CSV button.

Coming soon we’ll also be adding functionality that allows you to customize the email sent to guests when they email their selections. You can use this to direct them to your website, sign up for a mailing list or just provide a personalized response. If you have any questions about the new functionality, let us know!

Josh Saunders