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The Check Out: Weekly News Bites for Restaurants June 26th

Every Friday Uncorkd finds the most interesting restaurant and beverage industry news that had us talking. Here are must-read articles from June 18th – June 24th.

Wine News

Uncorkd breaks down how customer preferences for wines changes throughout the year. How can your restaurant capitalize most on changing wine interests. We break down our menu data to get an closeup on how customer behavior.

The Rosé revolution has carried it’s momentum from summer 2015 into summer 2016. While Gertrude Stein insisted that a “rose is a rose is a rose”, the same cannot be said for rosé. No, not at all rosé is the same. The rise in sales and interest about the pink powerhouse has been driven by light, dry rosé hailing from France. 

What does it take to become a Master of Wine? Well, a lot of smelling, tasting and comparing wines. And a whole lot of stress that seems to make wine less enjoyable. But if you want to know what the testing process for a Master of Wine is like, then take a look at the exam questions released by The Institute of Masters of Wine.

Restaurant News

Last week, Uncorkd wrote about how restaurants can make better use of data in their restaurant. We wrote a section on exchanging loyalty programs and promotions with customers in exchange for their email and contact information. One way to utilize this informationis to create a restaurant newsletter to engage guests. Here’s a solid write up on how to build a successful restaurant newsletter.

The Food and Wine Classic in Aspen took place last week. While most of us were not in attendance, many of the best chefs, sommeliers, and hospitality minds were there. They talked about a lot of things. And probably high-fived a lot over how awesome it was to be in Aspen for the Food and Wine Classic. There were some take-aways in terms of food and beverage trends that could illustrate what the near-future of restaurants will look like. Here’s a list of 5 trends found at the classic.

Spirit and Cocktail News

Top shelf Scotch is having a moment. Specifically, single malt Scotch.  Consumers are “trading up” from lower priced blends and paying higher prices to sip premium single malts. If you’re in the single malt Scotch business, then raise your glencairn to this sudden windfall.

Low-alcohol apertifs are shaking up the cocktail scene in America. Cocktails made with aperitifs are a great way to start off meals. And with low ABV, these cocktails can work like a chaperone for cocktail bars and restaurants with happy hours who don’t want sloppy customers sliding off barstools. Great for summer drinking, an aperitif cocktail could be your patio sipper for the summer.

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Kyle Thacker