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The Check Out: Weekly News Bites for Restaurants September 2nd

Every Friday Uncorkd compiles the top restaurant and beverage industries news that had us talking. Here are the must-read stories from August 27th – September 2nd.

Restaurant News

Restaurant staff turnover rate increased by 6% to 72.1% in 2015. A scary fact is that management turnover rate also increased. Managers are the captains that steer the ship. Not only that, but they make sure every job is getting done. A ship without a captain is bound to take on water, and ultimately sink. Analyzing why managers leave is key to slowing down the rate at which they abandon ship. Here are the Top Reasons Restaurant Managers Quit & How to Prevent it

A strong marketing effort can increase traffic at restaurants. But it takes time and commitment. Successful restaurant owners understand this and will put the effort into expanding their restaurants marketing presence. There is a checklist of essential do’s and don’ts for this. Check these 5 Marketing Mistakes Successful Restaurant Owners Never Make.

Data company Technomic is predicting slight growth for on-premise alcohol consumption. The predicated rate of growth is only at 2.3%. But that modest increase will be a small victory compared to the flat prediction offered for 2016. This means restaurants will have to take their alcohol sales growth into their own hands with direct measures to increase their alcohol sales, which are crucial profit centers for restaurants.

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Wine News

It’s important to remember that the main goal of your wine program: to sell wine. When building your wine lists, consider the demographics of your restaurant and determine the price points that your customers will feel comfortable with. It’s great to sell one glass of wine, but it’s better to sell two glasses. There are ways to lower wine prices without hurting your margins. Here’s How to Sell Two Glasses of Wine Instead of One.

Cocktail News

Labor Day is coming. And nothing says topical like running a special holiday themed cocktail. So in celebration of a day that restaurant employees don’t off, here are 5 Super Easy Drinks for Labor Day. Themed cocktails are a great way to increase cocktail sales across the bar. And it’s the perfect opportunity to sell off slow moving inventory by incorporating it into a cocktail.


Kyle Thacker