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The Check Out: Weekly News Bites For Restaurants June 10th

Every Friday Uncorkd finds the most interesting restaurant and beverage industry news that had us talking. Here are must-read articles from June 4th – June 10th.

Wine News

The not-so-secret role of free bar snacks is to trick patrons into drinking more. Yes, Mr. Peanut and his lot have a hidden agenda masked behind the monocle and cane. But, there is another way to (reasonably) speed up beverage consumption: bigger glasses. Researchers at two prominent English universities conducted a study that found patrons drink more when consuming from a bigger glass. We can picture it now: a somm asking if your wine is suitable as you swirl it in your pewter goblet. Huzzah!

As the world turns. The wine industry is changing. It’s an interesting market for wine professionals. The norm is being upended by those meddling millennials. Winemakers are now taking cues from the explosive craft beer industry. A winemaker in Denver is building a brand inspired by craft brewing practices like opening his winery in the middle of a city to connect with the local community and build an urban identity. Winemaker Ben Parsons has dubbed his style as “back-alley winemaking”

Cocktail News

The sun is shining. Drinks are pouring. Summer is here and it’s time you stepped away from the margarita and sipped something new. These 3 refreshing summer cocktail trends will inspire you to create, or chug, some really unique and delicious cocktails. Above all, they’re refreshing and perfect for al fresco consumption.

Looking for a new rum? Captain Morgan is so dorm room. It’s time to free yourself from pirate-labeled rum, though we’re OK with sailors. The white rums listed here are perfect base spirits to punch up your mojito or daiquiri.

Restaurant News

Shake it up. Restaurateurs are tiring of the traditional restaurant model and are taking innovate steps to stand out in the crazy-competitive world of food service. We’re excited for what’s to come. From non-restaurant restaurants that only delivery, to separate restaurants within restaurants; people are toying with space and place. Here’s a peek at 10 groundbreaking restaurant concepts that have their innovators hoping for success with fingers-crossed.

There are a lot of names you’ll recognize here. Some you may love. Some you may hate. Either way you slice it, they’re making an impact on foodies across the globe. Meet the 30 most influential people in food.  Confession: the title of this list makes us picture Obama stuck inside in a wavering jelly mold.

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Kyle Thacker