Uncorkd’s Weekly News Round Up

Every Friday Uncorkd will compile a list of the restaurant and beverage industry stories that had us talking this week. Here’s our list of must read articles from the web this week. Featuring Whisky Advocate awards, salvaged foods, new dessert trends, and the ever present purchasing power of millennial diners. 

  • Primed for awards season. Whisky Advocate has started announcing their “Best Of…” lists for various whisk(e)y categories. This week they gave Hibiki Japenese Whisky the nod for best Japanese whisky and Tamdhu Batch Strength for best Speyside single malt whisky.
  • The buzz about millennials continues as they flex their purchasing power. A Michelin-sponsored survey indicates that millennials are willing to pay the most money for an “extraordinary meal,” plus insight into other restaurant consumer trends.
  • Salad for dessert? Not quite, but pastry chefs are responding to healthy eating trends by utilizing more fruits, local and unprocessed ingredients, and smaller portions to satisfy sweet tooths.
  • We wrote about Chef Massimo Boturra’s article on salvaged food trends being an important part of the future of professional kitchens, read his words for yourself.
  • Wine Spectator makes a case against the story of consumers being more interested in a wine’s backstory, in favor of promoting wine based off its taste and quality.
  • The New York Times offers tips for combating bad online reviews.
  • The CEO of Fatburger details the damages that could be done by pegging the minimum wage at $15 an hour.
Kyle Thacker