Uncorkd Weekly Wine and Beverage News Week of March 26th

Every Friday Uncorkd compiles the most recent restaurant and beverage industry stories that had us talking. Here is the can’t miss news from March 26th – April 1st.

Wine News

Which wines are prime for springtime consumption? We’ve got the wines that you and your guests should be drinking this spring.

Has the era of New Zealand wine begun? Sales are up big for Kiwi vino, and NZ’s best styles make great glass pour options.

Looking to refresh your French wine knowledge? This video breaks down the basics of the Burgundy wine region. Check it.

Like flocks of swallows returning in spring, people are turning back to Spanish vermouth. Get a bird’s eye view with this guide breaking down the styles and best brands of vermouth from Spain.

Beer News

Do you want to have your cake and eat it too? We all do. Here is a bartender’s guide to crafting cocktails that mix spirits with beer.

Are you tired of telling your guests, “Sorry, we’re out of that.”? Make real-time menu updates with Uncorkd digital wine and beverage menus. Learn more about how you can excite your guests instead of apologizing to them.

Restaurant News

Staff turnover can kill a restaurant. Both back- and front-of-house. Here’s a guide to cutting down turnover and making sure your awesome staff stays intact. 

Healthy competition is a good thing for business. And staff incentives are a great way to boost sales and staff engagement. Here’s an overview on creating sales incentives that boost check averages.

Bar Rescue host Jon Taffer’s cocktails might be watered down next time he goes belly-up against the bar. That’s because some bartenders are upset with the hospitality pro for some uninformed and out-dated comments he made in an interview with Huffington Post. Taffer clearly has no clue about Mezcal. but his other opinions are what you’d expect from a bar guy who made his bones in the industry during the 80s and90s; it doesn’t take much to offend many new-school bartenders, though.

Kyle Thacker