Uncorkd Wine Trends 2017

Orange Wine on the Restaurant Wine List – Trend or New Standard

The trendiest thing to hit wine consumers lately is orange wine. Many are calling orange wine the new rosé. Sommeliers have been familiar with orange wine for decades and in fact the process of making orange wine goes back over 5,000 years. Put simply, orange wine is using white wine grapes but keeping them in contact with the skin to producer wine with an orangish hue and wonderful, unique flavors and complexities that can be considered a hybrid of white and red. Pretty much the opposite of rosé, where red wine grapes are crushed and the skin quickly removed. Restaurants around the country are adding orange wines to their menu, have you? If not, you need to add orange wines to your restaurant wine list ASAP. Here’s why. Read more

The Rosé Revival: Pink Wine on the Rise

The pink beverage has significantly gained in popularity the last few years. Information company Nielsen revealed a 34% increase to $63 million in the rosé category the past 52 weeks (which ended May 23). Sales are growing globally, as rosé wines are overtaking red and white varietals in some countries. As summer arrives, consumer’s taste for sweet and dry blush wine escalates. All the ranting about rosé has inspired us to create a list of the top pink wines that need to be in your restaurant.

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How to Profit Off the Top Wine Trends for 2014 (Part 2)

Last week, we posted “How to Profit Off the Top Wine Trends for 2014 (Part 1)“. If you missed the last post, you should read it. It talked about three of the main wine trends for 2014, as reported by a study commissioned by E. & J. Gallo Winery. Gallo promises to make their wine trends study a yearly event, and with their interesting findings and easy-to-read infographics, the study is definitely worth a read for restaurant professionals.

Here are the two last tips to leverage the information in the wine trends survey to increase the profits in your restaurant. (Get items 1-3 here.)  Read more