Keep ‘Em Comin’: 6 Drinks from Around the World

If you’re a restaurant that serves an international food, you probably also sell a large amount of one traditional drink. But what do you offer for the people who want a drink from your country, but who are tired of the same old thing? You really need to broaden your drinks menu to keep them coming back. We’ve all heard that variety is the spice of life, and today’s post serves up a good helping of hot and fresh variety for your restaurant. To serve you, I’ve compiled a list of six lesser-known cocktail drinks from around the world. Read more

3 Things You Should Say to Sell More Sake

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I’ve got to tell you: you’re missing out on sales. Sure, your bar is selling enough beer and wine, and man, your cocktail sales are killer. But why aren’t you selling sake? Many bars don’t feel confident in selling this super-premium beverage because they don’t think they know enough to advise a customer—or to stock their own bar. All that’s about to change though, because here are the three things you and your servers need to be saying to get your sake sales going.

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