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How to Succeed: Getting Return on Your Restaurant Tech

It’s important to take the right steps when integrating new solutions to restaurant problems. As tech services for the restaurant industry continue to expand,  you should know what it takes to see successful return on your new service investment. Restaurateurs and managers know that on-boarding new technology creates a learning curve for staff. For some, this may seem overwhelming. Others understand that investing in better ways to do business will lead to big returns in the future.

Staff Buy In

When restaurant operators decide a change is needed, some employees (management included), may be weary and hesitant in the face of that change. For leaders in restaurants, it’s important to sell your staff on the benefits of the new way of doing things. This means that communication is key.

When operators onboard our iPad wine menus, we stress the importance of getting their staff bought in. This means showing the value our menus add to each staff member . This value might be better sales during their shifts or improving knowledge of menu items. Whatever the value is, we always try to highlight how a staff member’s day-to-day work life will be improved.

When staff members see personal benefits, they’re much more likely to use the product and to promote it to their guests and other staff members.

Be Excited, and Don’t Hide It

Another important part of staff buy in is seeing that those around them are excited about the opportunities made possible by a new service. We’ve seen it firsthand, when managers are excited about our iPad beverage menus, and I mean excited like it’s their brand new toy, then the rest of the staff follows in that excitement.

Restaurant leadership shouldn’t integrate new technology like they’re bored by it or were forced into it, even if the function of it isn’t exciting at first. They should highlight the value of a new service through excitement about it.

Training is Everything

In addition to showing your staff why they should start using a new technology, you must train them on how to use it. For some, changes in the workplace are intimidating. Managers may become complacent in how things are done. But we’ve found that proper training will alleviate any fears or concerns when adopting new practices.

Training can be especially important for management. As staff looks to management for guidance, coaching, and answers to all their questions, it’s essential that your management knows how to operate your new platform. It’s also important to personally train as many staff members as possible so you are confident in their ability to utilize the service.

When management is comfortable with new technology, their excitement and confidence is contagious through out the restaurant. If you’re integrating a new system into your restaurant to improve or simplify your staff’s work, then it should be easy to learn. Make this ease of use apparent with proper training.

Keep Yourself Updated

It’s important to understand that new tech services will always be looking to improve services. Most folks know the annoyance of having to update your iPhone weekly. Though a business solution won’t update as much as an apple product, tech providers for your restaurant will periodically update their services to make improvements. It’s important to be aware of the changes your service provider is making. This ensures you’re getting the best version of whatever it is you’re using. Because many of these service updates are free of charge, it adds to the value of your investment.

You should also be inclined to reach out to your technology provider if you have any questions or concerns while using their product. Customer service is a good thing to ask a company about when you’re considering their services. Many quality companies won’t charge you for customer support and won’t keep you waiting long.

Getting the Most out of Your New Technology

Everything we’ve stated above is supremely important because it’s the only way to get the most value out of your investment. Putting more effort into utilizing new technology is the best way to see returns.

There are many restaurant operators who view new tech integration as a genie that will solve any problem asked of it. But this isn’t the case. Operators must work with and actively integrate new technology into their day-to-day routine in order to see benefits.

If a new toy only sits by itself in the corner, it will just collect dust.

To see great returns on your investment, you have to put the right effort into using the new service. If the proper work isn’t put in, there won’t be a significant return.

Before you subscribe to any new service, make sure you’re aware of the amount of work and effort needed to properly operate it. Make sure it’s worth your time before you invest.

Kyle Thacker