Wine and Beverage News Week of Feb. 20

Every Friday Uncorkd compiles the most recent restaurant and beverage industry stories that had us talking. Here’s our list of must-read articles from the web this week. This week features the USBevX data, restaurant critics caught in a lie, software to cut food waste, and new wines. Here are the can’t miss new’s stories from February 20th – 26th.

Beverage News

  • The inaugural USBevX conference took place this week, and gives great insight on how to sell and market beverages in a changing market. Backed by actual numbers, and an acute sense of style, takeaways from BevX can impact the way you run your bar program.

Restaurant News

  • Software companies want YOU to cut food waste. It’s a noble cause. And can save your restaurant a lot of money. New software will assess the food supply chain and identify causes of and points of impact on food waste. Go green, save green.


  • The term “ethnic food” might become a slur. But multicultural food can lure in millennials. A new study shows that younger diners seek out specific items over general cuisine types. It’s not just Mexican food they want, but tacos. Marketing specific dishes and incorporating multicultural culinary elements in your menu can draw more traffic to your restaurant.


  • The right lighting is key for a restaurant. Just ask those unfortunate souls in a dimly light dining room who can only read a menu by roaring torchlight. There are ways, my friend, to light your restaurant for ambiance while gifting guests the ability to see.


  • Justice is served. Two Australian food critics, aka food reality TV stars, have been outed after fabricating a negative restaurant review of an Aussie deli. Tsk tsk. The deli called out the two “critics” for their reimagining of an actual dining experience. Australian media and outraged foodies are currently circling the reviewers with pitchforks.


  • Four Square’s new Attribution feature gives actual insight into the effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns. It’s an insightful read, a bit unnerving, and is a peek into the future of how restaurants and retail stores can measure advertising’s impact and spend marketing dollars.

Wine News

  • Which wine regions are on the rise in France? Find out here. These might be the next best sellers on your bottle list.


That’s all for this week’s Uncorkd Weekly News Round Up. Check in with us next Friday to find the stories you missed during the week.




Kyle Thacker