Weekly Restaurant News

The Check Out: Weekly Restaurant News May 12th

Here is the week’s top restaurant and beverage industry news. These are the stories and opinions that had us buzzing. Check out the must read stories from May 6th – May 12th.

Restaurant News

Bao at the Altar of the Chef

Deadspin’s Drew Magary says what a lot of us are thinking: the trend of chef worship must be stopped. Check out Magary’s take on how foodie culture has fetishized the big names and brands of those whose restaurants you’ll never eat at. Has the glorification of haute chefs become an epidemic because only a julienned-thin percentage of that population will actually get to eat the food of these chefs? Take a read and answer for yourself.

Own Your Own

Eater breaks down the ins and outs of franchising a restaurant. Is it a good investment? And, now that we think of it, how does a franchise actually work?

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Spirits News

Why You Need to Add American Distilleries to Your Menu Today Uncorkd

Holy Spirit!

Craft spirits don’t get quite as much coverage as craft beer, but that may be changing soon. Research from Beverage Marketing Corporation shows that craft spirit growth is outpacing craft beer growth. From Beverage Daily, “Craft spirit growth is outpacing that of craft beer in the US, registering a CAGR [Compound Average Growth] of 13% and 6% respectively.” The micro brew industry recently hit a significant slow down in overall market growth, but that slow down was a drop from previous years of insane growth, so it’s only natural things returned to the mean. But with the “premiumization” of spirits, craft distilled products have a wide open growth opportunity.

They Drank Too Much, They Overdid it on The Booze

Bacardi recently had to recall bottles of Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin because they seriously overdid it on the booze. A mistake in the production process led to a batch of bathtub-style gin landing on store shelves in Canada. The gin clocked and alcohol content by volume of 77%. Nearly double the strength of the stated ABV of 40%.

Tune in, Turn On, Drop Out

Glenlivet is getting extra sensory with a multi-sensory experience that is traveling across the country to food festivals near you. The Glenlivet Dram Room is offering things like the Aroma Station where you can sniff all the pure essential oils you want. The oils represent different flavor notes of Glenlivet’s various marks. They are looking to enhance the experience of tasting by broadening your connection to flavors of scotch.

Wine News

Weekly Restaurant News

Blue M@!H3R F^C%!R

Italian sommeliers and wine critics have got their linguini all in knots over a new drink that uses Prosecco and has been called an ‘insult to the wine making tradition in Italy.”  Blumond, a “blue Prosecco,” is a blend of  Prosecco, blue curaçao and peach. The drink is available in China and the US, and will be released in Sicily in June.

Cheap Date

Every wonder how two buck Chuck only costs 2 bucks? Take a look at the real reasons why Trader Joe’s wine is so cheap.

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