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Sommelier Surge in Restaurants

Sommeliers are most famously known to be working in fine dining establishments, overseeing the wine program with their stereotypical snooty attitudes. These practices are changing, however, as sommeliers are getting recruited by more casual restaurants who want an expert to help the guests with a friendly disposition. How do you know if you should recruit a sommelier, and what are the benefits associated with doing so?

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3 (Not so Easy) Steps to Becoming a Sommelier

Earning the title of certified Sommelier is no walk in the park. Wine lovers that want to make a career out of their passion must go through rigorous steps to earn the salary that comes along with the job. Not only do you have to prepare yourself to take the tests, you have to keep up with the ever-changing industry to impress the guests that come through the door. Thinking about taking the leap? Let Uncorkd give you an idea of what to expect during your journey to becoming a Sommelier.

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28 Terms that Make You Sound Like a Sommelier (Part 2)

The last post in this series named the first fourteen of the twenty-eight terms that make you sound like a sommelier, including descriptions of the wine’s color and scent. At the end of this post, you’ll see how you can put all these terms together to create an awesome wine menu or wine tasting, or to just sell more wines. Here are the last fourteen wine-expert terms you need to know in order to increase your wine revenues. (Part 1 contains numbers 1-14).

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28 Terms that Make You Sound Like a Sommelier (Part 1)

Want to describe your wines really well (or, um, understand wine descriptions really well)? Using these twenty-eight sommelier terms will have you 86-ing your wines like mad, and it will even help when you purchase new wines. Ready to sound like an expert? Here are the first fourteen terms you need to know. (Check out “28 Terms that Make You Sound Like a Sommelier (Part 2)” for the rest of the terms.) 

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