Why You Need to Keep Your Restaurant Website Up to Date--and How to Do It Uncorkd

Why You Need to Keep Your Restaurant Website Up to Date—and How to Do It

You did your job. You heard everyone talking about why you need a restaurant website, so you went out and got one. You even got yourself an awesome gimmick so that you’d stand out on Google. Either you struggled over learning how to create the site yourself, or you hired someone else to create it for you. The good news is that now you can breathe easy. After all, you have an online presence already. You’ve checked that task off your list. Now you can return to what you really love: food.

Sorry to break it to you, but in today’s world, restaurants can’t just create a site and then rest on their laurels. They need to keep that restaurant website up to date. Here’s why. Read more

increase drink sales with a picture uncorkd

How to Increase Your Drink Sales without Saying a Word

A lot of my tips revolve around training your servers or bartenders to memorize information and repeat it back when needed, or to ask key questions at opportune moments. Sometimes though, words just get to be too much. Here’s a tip to increase your drink sales without having to say a single word. Read more