3 Steps to Make the Ultimate Happy Hour

Happy hour is an occasion that has been around since prohibition. Although not practiced in the same way, restaurants today use it to ease the lull of the late afternoon. Happy hour reflects its name and helps people to reboot after a long day. As  competition grows, happy hours are starting to change to meet the consumer need while trying to have an edge over other restaurants with a similar type of deal. How do you make the most out of your happy hour? We’ve got the guide to help.

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Happier (More Profitable) Happy Hours

Happy hour specials are a time-honored strategy for drawing patrons in on weekday evenings, when bars might not otherwise see too much of a crowd. However, you obviously don’t just offer bargain beer, wine, and well drink specials for the mere sake of giving your profits away; you want to make sure that the draw of these specials actually pays off. So ask yourself the question: is your happy hour “happy” enough, or could it be better? Is it boosting the bottom line, as it should?

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