Stop Bottling It Up! 3 Reasons Why Beer Cans Are Better

The day has finally arrived when it’s cooler to serve beers in cans than in bottles. Hallelujah! Lots of popular new breweries are choosing to save money by canning their beers instead of bottling them, so now is the time to add beer cans to your menu. These days, you’ll have a lot more to offer than Pabst Blue Ribbon or Bud Light.  If your restaurant is still serving only bottled or draft beers, these three reasons should convince you to add beer cans to your menu.

1. Beer cans are trendy right now

Looking to entice a new crowd for quiet nights at your restaurant? Since beer in a can is super-trendy right now, making this simple addition to your menu will bring hipsters to your restaurant.

Now that hipsters are in their thirties, they’re the newest group of young professionals. This means they not only have a disposable income, they’ve developed the palate for your priciest craft beers. Though this demographic is frequently overlooked because a lot of restaurateurs see hipsters as annoying and cheap, your restaurant can profit off of your competitors’ oversight.

With beer cans, your restaurant can be the trendy new watering hole for young professionals.

2. Cans Save Storage Space

Guess what? Beer cans are easily stackable. If you’re looking to add more to your beer selection but you’re limited on extra space, beer cans might be the way to go. Storing more in your fridges also saves you money on your energy bill. In fact, energy pundits recommend filling your fridges and freezers to three-quarters capacity. Even more savings for you? Serving beer in cans spares you the cost of washing a lot of your pint glasses.

When you add beer cans to your menu, your savings really add up.

3. Beer cans are environmentally friendly

Really? You need another selling point for the canned beer on your menu? Get guests to order your cans when you note right on the page that beer cans are more environmentally friendly than glass bottles. It’s true! Because cans can be infinitely recycled, they’re a smarter choice for global sustainability. If you actively market this fact in your ads, you’ll not be even more enticing to the energy-conscious hipster crowd, your restaurant will also appeal to the beer drinkers in your area who are interested in environmental sustainability.

By adding beer cans to your menu, you reduce your carbon footprint.

How to get those beer cans selling

Okay, you’re convinced. Beer cans really are a great choice. But how do you make them pay off quickly? Of course, it goes without saying that you should advertise and market the canned beer benefits contained in this article.

To pack your tables, you should create a once-weekly canned beer special on your slowest night.

To increase sales, try pairing your canned beer special with “green” specials that also appeal to hipsters. Good options would include artisanal salads and breadsticks, savory soups sourced from local ingredients, and gourmet desserts.

Has offering canned beers made an impact on your restaurant already? We’d love to hear more.

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Photo licensed by Michelle Tribe