Restaurant Simplicity Part 3: Dangerous Decor

We’ve talked about restaurant simplicity for the past few weeks here on the Uncorkd blog. Having talked about your menu and your plating, we’re going to wrap up by discussing your decor. Today, we’re talking about how too much decor can be a bad thing. Read on to hear about why over-decorating makes your guests nervous, and to learn why you should reconsider those busy walls.

Why over-decorating makes diners nervous

Don’t believe me that too much decoration can make your guests nervous? No matter what your customers’ pet peeves, you’re sure to trigger one if your restaurant is filled with knick knacks and mementos. Here are the four main reasons why all that decor is likely to be a bad idea for your restaurant.

1. Cleaning is tough with too much stuff

If your walls are covered with mementos and novelty items, they have to be cleaned constantly to keep them free of spiderwebs and dust. Since the goal is to have your restaurant busy at all times, your servers should always be occupied when you’re open.

If the servers are busy, who else will you have to pay to keep your walls gleaming?

Since you can’t disturb that dust while your customers’ plates are on their tables (eww), you’ll have to have someone clean earlier in the day. Do you want to supervise that person, or do you want to focus on purchasing and receipts?

2. Too much stuff on the walls is distracting

Why did you open a restaurant? Was it to provide a TV to bored people after work? Was it to have people sit for hours and slow down your turnaround?

Yeah, didn’t think so.

If you’re like most restaurateurs, you opened your establishment to highlight your delicious food or to introduce a unique cuisine to your area. You also probably wanted to provide a gathering place for your community. Sadly, distracting walls accomplish none of those goals.

3. Your guests will question your quality

Take a second to think about the restaurants that come to mind when you think of mementos on the walls. Are you thinking of Applebees, Red Robin, and other chains? I am.

Do you want your customers to compare you to those chain restaurants that have themes of over-decoration? They will.

4. Stuff is expensive

Again, I’d be willing to guess that your restaurant’s focus is on food. If so, you should spend that money on adding to your menu, not on adding to your walls.

To sum up

If you want to provide a welcoming, distraction-free area for your customers, consider taking all those mementos off the walls. This simple step will save you money on purchasing and it will help you cut down on your labor costs as well, since your restaurant will be easier and faster to clean.

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Photo licensed by Natalie Maynor