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3 Surprising Ways to Use Your Digital Wine Menu

Digital wine menus are the future of restaurant menus, but they’re useful for so much more than just wine. Savvy restaurants use digital wine menus as a fun, interactive tablet-based menu experience that gets customers excited about exploring the menu. Not only do digital wine menus provide customers with in-depth information about their drinks (which only a sommelier, a cicerone, or a bartender could provide previously), they also provide restaurant owners total freedom from expensive menu printing costs. Wondering how you can use a digital wine menu like Uncorkd even if you don’t serve wine? Here are three surprising ways.

1. Smoothie or elixir bars

Smoothie bars are complex, offering customers new, exciting, and potentially scary ingredients like jackfruit, dragonfruit, or starfruit smoothies. In addition, smoothie bars tend to have bewildering add-ins like bee-pollen and ginko biloba. Elixir bars take the smoothie concept even further, with vegetable and grain juice blends, and medicinal plant extracts. To the first-time consumer, your smoothie or elixir bar looks great, but is mystifying.

With a digital menu, your guests can ask as many questions as they like… and not worry about looking like an idiot. When your customers really understand what you offer, they can make informed ordering decisions. When your customers leave your smoothie or elixir bar feeling both smarter and healthier, you’ve probably scored a customer for life.

2. Cigar shops

Everyone wants to smoke cigars, but, like ordering fine wine, purchasing cigars can be a scary experience for the uninitiated. Cigars come with fancy names, their tobacco is sourced from around the world, and unfortunately, the Internet has made it passé to ask questions.

Everyone in a cigar shop or cigar bar is either an expert… or is surreptitiously checking their smart phones so that they can sound cool to their date.

When your cigar shop uses a digital menu, your customers can simply tap to learn all about how cigars are made and what the differences are between various tobacco sources. When your customers understand why Cubans are so amazing, they’re likely to come back with their friends so they can show off their new knowledge.

3. Event promotion

When your digital menu isn’t being used, it displays a slideshow. You could use the slideshow to promote your specials or your featured items, or you could tell your guests about your upcoming events. When your guests see something they like they’ll be able to find out all about it—and they’ll return to your business to check out the show.

How can a digital wine menu help me?

No matter what you serve, digital wine menus should increase your sales and provide a solid ROI. When customers are provided with an interactive menu experience, they order the pricier items on your menu because they understand those items better. Unlike traditional menus, which simply provide lists of available food or drinks, digital menus create image-rich advertisements for every single one of your offerings, which increases your sales.

What are some surprising ways that you’re using a digital wine menu?

Photo licensed by Nick Harris