New Spins on Old Traditions: Your Restaurant Thanksgiving Menu

Let me clear the air right now: I am not advocating that you break from standard Thanksgiving fare on your holiday menu. No, by all means, keep turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and green bean casserole right there, front and center on your menu. After all, you want your guests to still feel like they’re at home—just without all the hassle of cooking, cleaning, or traveling long distances in bad weather. Another thing you want them to avoid? The same holiday food they’ve been eating for years. These three new takes on old recipes will help your restaurant Thanksgiving menu bridge that gap between traditional and tantalizing. 

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5 Thanksgiving Cocktails to Sweeten Your Prix Fixe

Thank goodness for Thanksgiving! This is the time of year when the weather starts trapping us inside for the winter months, so we clean the house obsessively, cook complex dishes for days on end, and get together with our families to yell at each other!

Hmmm. Wait. Scratch that. This is really the time of year that we decide to ditch time-consuming food efforts and go out to eat at your restaurant. (Thank goodness for you!)

In order to make us feel better about abandoning our families for the official start to the holiday season, how about you include some simple and affordable cocktails on your holiday menu. Here are five great Thanksgiving cocktails to sweeten up your prix fixe menu (and increase your margins) this year.  Read more