How Not to Advertise Your Restaurant – 10 Ways

Running a restaurant is expensive. Advertising is expensive. With steep costs and tricky metrics, I tend to assume that restaurateurs want to make the most of their limited advertising budgets. However, since I see the same mistakes over and over, I have to figure that restaurateurs prefer to spend their time meditating in the peace and quiet of their empty restaurants. Therefore, without further ado, I present you with ten tips you can follow to NOT advertise your restaurant. 

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The 5 Best Sidewalk Ads for Your Restaurant

Earlier this week, I went out to eat twice in one day. A funny thing: the two places I ate at were located right next to each other. Sure, I had gone to each restaurant many times before, but before Tuesday, I had never noticed that the two were, literally, right next door. Another funny thing: Both times when I walked to where they were, I walked right past the restaurant front door and then had to backtrack down the sidewalk. If you’re wondering if one of these places was your restaurant, you should really consider better sidewalk advertising. Here are 5 ideas for sidewalk advertising to increase your sales. Read more