Best Moscato Wines to Look for on the Restaurant Wine List

I was about to start writing about drinks for the holidays, it is December after all, and people are looking to brew up some eggnog.  But I thought, let’s go against the grain – what’s one of the biggest trends right now in wine (even in these cold winter months for some of us)… Moscato! I started looking at Google search trends and two things immediately popped up in rising popularity, Fruity Alcoholic Drinks and Moscato. In fact, searches for Moscato and best Moscato wine have surged 1550%. Read more

Fungus and Wine: A Surprisingly Sweet Treat

The word “fungus” sounds disgusting in itself, but for some winemakers, it is the key to making the perfect dessert wine. Botrytis Cinerea, otherwise known as “noble rot”, is an airborne fungus that dusts grapes when the weather heats up and humidity is high. The question remains, how do producers take advantage of the invasion of the fungus?

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Does Your Menu Hold This Sweet Wine Disaster?

Your customers have had a wonderful dinner. They are loving the world, they are singing praises of your restaurant to their waiter and sending back compliments to the chef—they’re even posting on Facebook about the great meal they just ate. Now, they’re ready to order dessert, and their good mood makes them want a great sweet wine with their dessert. They read the pairings that you’ve set up on your digital wine menu (hint, hint), and they order the most decadent dessert menu item you have: the Chocolate Cake with Buttercream. They’re really indulging, so they also order the champagne, which your menu has recommended as a great celebration pairing with that fabulous cake. They love the cake, and their champagne catches the light as they toast your restaurant. They love champagne. Then, they take a sip and disaster happens. Do you know what went wrong?

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