Restaurant Technology is An Eco-Friendly Option

Eco-friendly has been the mindset (or marketing) of a growing number of hip and trendy restaurants for years now.  The “green” mantra is often repeated on menus across the U.S. in the form of buzz-word phrases like “locally-sourced,”  “organic,” and “post-consumer.” Your server might have told you that your table was made from “reclaimed wood” from something else that used to be wooden, or that the light fixtures were made from repurposed subway parts. Though the green movement has its haute annoyances, eco-conscious business is certainly a good thing. And new technology is making it easier for restaurants to adapt to a more green way of doing things, both in the back-of-house and in front of guests.

Restaurant technology is on the rise, and one result is the ability for restaurants to go paperless. This is a great benefit for restaurants that use Uncorkd. When restaurants are able to cut down on the waste of reprinting menus or sales reports, everyone benefits. It’s both environmentally sound and cost-effective.

It’s not just independent restaurants that are going green. An environmentally conscious movement is behind a lot of changes in the food service industry. As cities like Chicago ban thin plastic bags,  or San Diego, who is eliminating styrofoam food containers, take legislative action to reduce waste, you will see more business have to change their practices. Even McDonald’s is reportedly going to use cage free eggs in the future.

For restaurants looking to follow suit and turn green with environmentally conscious practices, it’s important to think about how using cloud and digital content can help you achieve that goal. From menus to marketing, digital content can lower cost and reduce your impact on the environment.


Kyle Thacker