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Do Your Servers and Customers Know About Scotch?

Scotch has a mystique to it that makes contemplative businessmen swirl it in glasses, makes mothers shy away from it, and makes posing frat boys glug it… but what the heck is it? Here is your definitive guide to Scotch: short enough to teach your staff, and flexible enough to add to your digital wine menu. Read more

Session Beers: We’ll Drink to Another Round!

The old tradition of friends gathering together for a few rounds is certainly a time-honored one. Speaking of “time,” however, how long can the average patron order one round after another (or painstakingly nurse just one or two drinks) before everyone calls it a night (or a day)? Well, with “session beers” – defined as highly “drinkable” brews that have an alcohol by volume (ABV) content of 5% or lower (or 4.5% and below, depending on who’s talking) – customers can stick around longer and order more drinks without feeling the ill effects of overindulging. Patrons are therefore not only drawn to establishments that offer a great selection of “sessionable” beers, but they’re also happy to pay a good price for each drink and, when all is said and done, to order more of them.

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Wine-Chocolate Pairings: Hitting the Sweet Spot

The concept of pairing wine and chocolate together is a popular one. Considering that the fermentation process of wine involves essentially the same substance that’s involved in processing cocoa beans to produce chocolate, it’s no surprise that the idea of pairing the two items together appeals to people at such an instinctive level. However, anyone who’s been to a handful of weddings – where chocolate cake is often served around the same time as champagne – also knows that not just any type of alcoholic beverage is a good match with chocolate, and the wrong combination can leave a lot to be desired. Read more

“Beer Cocktail”: Oxymoron? Or Overlooked Classic with Crossover Potential?

Say the two words together, consecutively – “beer cocktail” – and some people might look at you like you have two heads. However, certain beer cocktails, whether explicitly labeled as such or not, have been popular for years. What’s more, the trend for developing new types of beer cocktails – increasingly popular everywhere from the United States to as far away as
Australia – may be a profitable opportunity that bar owners and managers would be remiss to ignore in 2014.

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Romantic Dessert and Wine Pairings for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is the sweetest of holidays, but for the restaurant business, it’s also one of the most competitive. The best way to get couples into your restaurant this year is to celebrate the pairing of couples with the pairing of romantic desserts and wine. We’re sure you’ve already decided on your Valentines menu offerings, so we’re spreading the love by giving you four dessert and wine pairings you can use on your menu. Lavender, honey, figs and basil will bring love to your menu, and pairing them effectively will make your customers fall in love all over again–this time with your restaurant. The weather may be cold (and with that polar vortex it’s getting colder every day), but the inside of your restaurant will heat up when you serve these fun Valentines Day aphrodisiac dessert and wine pairings. Read more