Featured Resources

From time to time, Uncorkd will publish resources for the hospitality, restaurant and beverage industry.  Please see below for available resources.

  • The Definitive Wine Training Guide

    Our wine training guide helps you train new staff and veterans on how to sell wine. Learn how to organize and execute wine training and effectively increase sales and retain employees.

  • The Definitive Guide to Increasing Wine Sales

    This Guide introduces wine and beverage menu design methods and techniques for your restaurant or bar. Whether you are creating a wine program from scratch or want to increase the current profitability of your beverage program, the guide provides useful tips and information to increase your wine and beverage sales.

  • Report on Consumer Alcoholic Beverage Preferences in Restaurants

    This report provides information on a survey conducted of US consumers to understand their alcoholic beverage preferences in restaurants. The report includes the full raw survey data and provides insight on what consumers are looking for when selecting a drink in a restaurant, what changes they would like to see and their technology habits as they relate to restaurants.

  • Guide to Integrating Technology Solutions for Country Clubs

    This guide is geared for clubs and walks you through the process of adopting new technologies. We start with stage one: how to analyze the needs of your own club. From there, we guide you through properly researching technology solutions. And finally, we illustrate the way to cement your club’s future with intelligent integration.