The Definitive Wine Training Guide

A Proven Guide on Teaching Your Staff to Sell Wine

The Definitive Guide to Wine Training gives you an outline for a killer wine training program that teaches new hires how to sell your wine and gives guidance for coaching veteran staff on building wine knowledge. 

We breakdown:

  • How to assess wine knowledge
  • Best practices for teaching wine novices to taste wine
  • Building a vocabulary that sells
  • Areas to focus on for continuous staff training
  • A free wine pairing chart to help staff pair food with wine

We work with hundreds of restaurants around the country and help them build better wine programs. We’ve found that the best way to approach training is to strip wine of its intimidation factor.

After reading our ebook, you will have a new focus for training both new and veteran staff, learn about great resources for training information, and find that passing on useful knowledge to your staff is the best way to build strong working relationships. 

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