Why Restaurants Shouldn’t Build Their Own Mobile Apps

Technology use among restaurants is seeing fast paced growth, and restaurant operators are beginning to understand the importance of mobile and tablet technology to improve their top and bottom line.  According to Hudson Riehle, Senior Vice President of Research for the National Restaurant Association, use of technology is expanding among all age groups.  No, it’s not just teens who want to use the latest technology for their dining experience.  Our customers report even consumers in the 65+ age bracket enjoy using iPad menus to choose a wine or beverage for their meal.

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Uncorkd Server Mistakes

4 Mobile Payment Apps Restaurants Should Consider

Here at Uncorkd, we’re not just interested in digital wine menus (though we sincerely hope you’re interested in them), we’re also interested in all the other new and exciting technology that people in the hospitality industry are using to make their business run smoother. Today, we’ll be looking at restaurant tech your guests can use to pay you faster and easier—without having to wait all night for a check or change.  Here are four mobile payment apps that you may want to check out.

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