Why You Should Become the Barfly on the Wall

Of course you want your bar to become the next big thing in your town—but standing out from all the other bars can be quite a challenge. When your bar sales just aren’t reaching the levels you think they should, you can learn to improve by following the methods of a dedicated scientist: Jeff Goldblum’s character in The Fly. (The character’s name is Seth Brundle, but who remembers that?)

No, I’m not speaking crazy talk here, I just think that to transform your bar into the greatest bar in your town, you should become the barFLY on the wall. Here are five ways to do that. Read more

5 Types of Bar Regulars—Which Does Your Bar Have?

If you recently opened or are planning to open a bar, you’ll need to be able to attract your future bar regulars. Who are these mysterious people? What do they like? How do you get them to come back? This article answers all your questions, and gives you tips that pack in the crowds.

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