The 4 Steps Busy Bar Owners Use to Hire a Band

So, you’ve decided that you want live music at your bar, and you are psyched to see the crowds pour into your bar, order drinks and food, and jam out while increasing your profits. It’s going to be great…after you get over one tiny problem: How to hire the band. If the thought of going out to find a band, then negotiating with them sounds terrifying or like too much work, this guide is for you. Read more

Does Your Bar Sound Successful?

When people think about their small businesses, they usually talk about the “taste” of success, the “feel” of success, and the “look” of success, but they forget all about the sound of success. When guests come into your bar or restaurant, they decide if they like your business within 10 seconds—and that decision usually happens much faster. You already know that your guests are making snap decisions based on the décor, or the smell of the place, but one thing that also helps your customers decide whether they’ll stay or leave is the soundtrack. Here’s how to fix a few blunders your bar may be making. Read more