The 3 Craft Beer Questions Your Servers Should Be Asking

Craft beer, like wine, can be intimidating. Similar to wine, craft beer has its own jargon… and craft beer menus typically assume that the reader is knowledgeable about a range of beer-centric acronyms: IBU (International Bittering Units), ABV (Alcohol by Volume), IPA (India Pale Ale), ESB (Extra Special Bitter), etc. Not only are the acronyms hard, beer classifications can be confusing to the uninitiated… again, much like wine. Do you remember a time before you knew the difference between a pilsner, a kölsch, a doppelbock, a maibock, and a saison? Today we’re going back to the basics, so that you can make craft beer less intimidating for your customers. Here are the three questions your servers should ask to make sure that your guests love their craft beer. (Want more tips? Check out the wine version of this guide.) 

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