Electronic iPad Wine List Product Features

The Uncorkd iPad App Wine List and tablet menu is a web-based (cloud) solution, so we take care of the data, infrastructure and maintenance for you. You don't have to install any hardware or dedicated networks on-site. Here are some of the features of the Uncorkd touhscreen menus:

iPad Wine app

Menu and Wine List Organization

Guests browse the electronic menu by categories you setup. Create your menu to display wines, beer, cocktails, spirits, food and more. Organize your menu exactly how you like.

Filter and Search

Search functionality allows diners to filters by wines from a country, region, grape varietal or price range.

No WiFi Required

Uncorkd works without a WiFi connection. The iPad restaurant app works seamlessly because it doesn't need to connect to the internet during operation.

Detailed Wine Information

Beverage information pages show producer, varietal, geographical information, prices, labels and descriptions. You can customize the type and amount of information shown.

Wine, Spirits and Beer Database

Fully integrated database contains information on almost 100,000 wines, beers and spirits. Add new wines on your menu in seconds and manage all of your data instantly.

Real-time Control Panel

All data is at your fingertips in real-time. Manage and customize your menu and information through a web-based control panel and all of the changes are made instantly on all of your tablets.

iPad Wine app
iPad Wine app

Food Pairing Recommendations

Enter in food from your menu and show recommended wines to your customers. Enhance the customer experience and upsell wines to increase sales.

Slideshow Specials

Create a slideshow of images for when your menu isn't in use to highlight specials, food and beverages on the menu.

Featured Wines

Feature wines of your choosing on the iPad menu. Another great way to upsell wines and display specials.

Branded for your Restaurant

The app is designed to match your look and feel. Each page has your logo and you have control over fonts, colors, background, and more.

Detailed Analytics

View detailed analytics to improve your wine and beverage program. See what wines and drinks your customers view, what they search for and how they decide what to order.

Restaurant Information

Create custom content for your menu app, such as information about the restaurant, specials, upcoming events, private party information and more.

Wine and Beverage Analytics